Get $100 Of Bonus/post , $1/Share and $0.10/Like on your FaceBook post!

Now every member have a change to get a $100 Bonus and $1 per share and $0.1 per like when you make a post on your FaceBook.
You just need to make a screenshot of our website, then upload the screenshot photo of our website and type “Free $100/post $1/share and $0.1/like!” and along with your affiliate link ( .

Once you have posted, send us your username and facebook link after 10 days of the post and the payment type you want to be credit to your account(Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money or Payeer). Then we will credit $100 and the total amount of the post share’s($1/share) and like’s($0.10/like) bonus to your BitWealth Company account within 24hrs. It’s FREE money!

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